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Several years ago my kids took art classes at this place, The Richfield Art Studio. Sarah the owner, has created what I would call the best art space to let those creative juices flow. The house is rustic and quaint. It sits on a corner off rte 303 in Richfield, OH. Her art studio space has great Feng Shui. One can’t help but be creative! When you first walk in you are greeted by the works of art on display that is made in her studio as well as other local artists selling their art. At the time I was there was jewelry, pottery and hand made trinkets. Everything is carefully displayed and not overdone. The interior has rustic charm and is inviting. She has several, rooms on the main level that are used for art classes and retail.The space is dual function and open. It works because the art acts as the decor. You don’t even notice wall color because of the eye-candy. The natural lighting lends itself to the artist who works in there. One would think there is just too much. But really, every piece makes you pause and think. I smiled all the time I was there.

My favorite space was the outdoor pottery area. She has it set-up like a garden. You can’t help but lose yourself out there while spinning the pottery wheel. Sarah, the owner and instructor, is warm and endearing. She really does nurture that creative spirit in everyone. It will make you want to be a kid again. She offers all kinds of classes for adults and teens as well.

See for yourself!!http://www.richfieldartstudio.com/about_us.htm