We are redoing a side porch. But in doing the side porch we needed a brick– layer. Someone with experience. Someone who actually cares about their work. Some one who wants a referral from us. Someone who shows up on time  and doesn’t make up lies and excuses as to why they do not show up. This for us has been difficult. It is the building industry nightmare. Our carpenter recommended this guy. I will call the bricklayer (Lazy Butt). My husband and I went to look at his work. He did a great stone patio with a big stone fireplace. I thought, “Wow!” Lazy Butt does great work. Well, we hired Lazy Butt. Our job was small. Mostly repair work. The soldier course above the opening needed to be added. This job was 3 solids of work. Lazy Butt on the first day, told us he could not come because he lost his keys. Lazy Butt showed up 2 days later and worked one day and then never showed again. His second excuse for not showing was his parents were coming from Florida. He shows up 3 days later and does a half day of work. On the day I thought he would finish, he does not show up. His 3rd excuse, his mother was ill and she was in the hospital. He did this over a 2. 5 week span. This was a 3 day job? He is a grown man, probably about 40 years old. My own children can’t come up with this many excuses.

When the job was complete, the brick was 1″apart if not more, the mortar color did not match the rest of the brick mortar and he left a swail. Now being in the design industry and having known contractors, this just made me so mad. I would never refer Lazy Butt. It seems no one does brick work today. If you find someone, they are retired. The art of brick laying is for our generation is TOO HARD. My carpenter will be speechless when he sees the soldier course. This was his referral, which just goes to show even a skilled contractor who you work and know are clueless about other people in the trades.

To fix our mortar color, we found  chemical compound to mix and stain with a small brush.The mortar is an earth tone. Lazy Butt left it grey. I wish the building industry in the state of Ohio would enforce all  contractors to take classes and Ceu’s. I think all contractors should be licensed and to take an exam in order to work. There are so many contractors out there who just do a poor job, are not skilled, are not educated . I would love to hear if you have had a similar experience.