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A dear friend of mine who lives out of state called me and asked what to do with her bathroom without breaking the bank. She has no interest in picking, researching and finding what to do to make it look great. Knowing what I know of her, I suggested she just drive down the street to Home Depot or Lowes, even a local plumbing store with a showroom. She can buy a full vanity, with a sink and all her plumbing fixtures at once. I thought her toilet was in great condition. She has one of the original toilets made 50 years ago..it is solid and it flushes well. So there is no need to change that.

She doesn’t want to replace the bath tile and regrout. I suggested she do what she did 15 years ago, have the tile reglazed to match her reglazed tub. Her bathroom is approx. 9′ by 5′. The bathroom wall are that retro-white, subway tile & her flooring is honey-com tile that is still in great condition. It is a great idea to use or reuse what we have. Many of the things that were made 50 years ago, in my opinion were made better, last longer than today’s newer products. Her plumbing fixtures can be updated to a brushed nickel. She did ask about chrome , but with kids, it will never look shiny and clean. Brushed Nickel can hide all the finger prints and soap residue. It is definitely a better choice. The one thing I can send her directly is color samples from Sherwin Williams. I suggested she paint her walls a soft celery green. She also might consider the arced curtain rod. The family can get a little more elbow room in the shower with this type of rod. The rod can be purchased when she buys new fixtures. Well, that’s it for now! I can’t wait to see what her bathroom on my next visit to Chicago! I think she can accomplish her new bathroom make-over within budget.